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New  -  Half day hikes , morning(9h-12h30), cost 30€/person

Enjoy the best hikes in São Miguel island, more...

Sete Cidades tour (half day) 

The Caldeira das Sete Cidades is one of the most beautiful and imposing lakes on the Island of São Miguel, nestling in a crater with a sweeping 12-kilometre perimeter. 

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Lagoa do Fogo tour (half day) 

The Fire lake are  most impressive. Set down in the crater of an extinct volcano, this huge lake of clear waters even comes with its own beach. 

Visiting also Caldeira Velha, there you can swim in Hot springs.

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Ferraria termal experience (half day)

This is an absolute masterpiece of nature, the whole area, absolute beauty!

Ferraria natural thermal bath (Termas da Ferraria), the place where hot springs fall into the ocean...

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Furnas tour (full day) 

furnas lake

 Furnas is one of the most famous beauty spots on the island of São Miguel with a history of volcanic activity.

impressive natural geysers, hot springs, calderas and fumaroles!

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Lagoa do Fogo + Lagoa das Sete Cidades (full day)

lagoa sete cidades
lagoa do fogo

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Lagoa do fogo + Furnas (full day)

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Nordeste tour (full day) 

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