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Our half day hikes take place in the morning(9h - 12h30)

Walking trails. 

Chá Gorreana

Janela do Inferno

Praia da Viola

Moinhos da Ribeira Funda

Pico do ferro

Rocha da Relva

Serra Devassa

Mata do Canário/ Sete Cidades

Vista do Rei / Sete Cidades 

Salto do Cabrito


 The best way to really appreciate the natural beauty of São Miguel island is on foot.

Whether hiking in the Azores trails or enjoying a day trip - the beauty from ours landscapes will take your breath away.

Trained guides are available to accompany you on hiking.

These trails are an exceptional eco-tourism experience – developed to traverse through some of the most beautiful and scenic sections of the island.

There are hiking trails to suit any level of fitness.

With a total surface of 759.41 Km2, San Miguel is 65 Km long (E-W) and 14 Km wide (N-S). 

 In the Azores, for centuries, the easiest way to travel from one place to another within the same island was by sea; in fact there were not many paths and few were suitable for carriages or oxcarts. There were mainly footpaths, which the islanders used in their daily toil, accompanied by horses, donkeys and mules, of course. The paths were also used to take cattle to or from the pasturelands. The locals also used these paths for festivities in the vicinity, and for transporting agricultural produce, fish, charcoal and other merchandise to trade. Anything larger was transported by boat.

It is this network of footpaths that has been restored and made accessible to all so that they can enjoy the landscape of the Azores. Indeed, each of these footpaths goes through exceptionally beautiful areas, linking almost all of the corners of each of the islands, both along the coastlines and in the uplands.

 Choose your hike. Select from two guided hiking options per day—a moderate option accessible to most physically fit individuals, and a more difficult option designed for hikers who seek a full, physically challenging day on the trail.

 Select your hike based on your desire for route, distance, time and level of physical exertion. The hiking choices allow you to tailor your trail experience day-by-day.